I offer a free trial lesson for all students who would like one. I am most comfortable teaching beginners any age under 14 — as long as they can read my messy handwriting! Parents who wish to sit on lessons are quite welcome, and there are colouring materials supplied to any other siblings who might need to come along too (they must be quiet though while their sibling is having a lesson!).

While each student’s musical journey with me is different, there are some common factors. For the first month or two, my students do not learn with any books, as I provide my own special worksheets to solidify a strong foundation in sight-reading (the ability to read new music quickly) and familiarity with the keyboard. I have found that most books do not place a great emphasis on sight-reading early on, but it is crucial to success and confidence as a musician. After this, I introduce a method book chosen after consulting with the parent about the student’s needs, interests, and personality. I also like to include a theory book series, which will solidify the concepts they learn in their method books. Then, if the parent and student are so inclined, I am willing to supplement the method book with exam books and get them into exams!

I supply most of my students’ notebooks and stationary needs, however essential books, exams, metronomes, and other more expensive items must be paid for by the student/student’s parents. I will always try to notify you well in advance of a student needing a new book, and if you would prefer, I will even order the books myself for your convenience. I always provide receipts for transparency.

I only ask that sufficient notice (at least 24 hours) be given before a lesson is cancelled if possible. Make up lessons can only be provided within the same week, if I am available. I accept cash payments only, of which I can provide you an invoice.